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IAMAS Open House 2017 Report

IAMAS Open House 2017 was held on July 29th and July 30th.
This year’s theme was “What is Media Creation?” The event was an opportunity for visitors to learn more about our school and our master’s program in media creation. Many people interested in IAMAS came to the visit, including those considering joining as students.
This year’s open house was centered around lectures, featuring exhibitions and talks. This report will take a look back at the different elements of the event: 1.) the school introduction, 2.) the exhibitions and projects mainly featuring student work, and 3.) the lectures and faculty introductions.

1.) School Introduction

The school introduction was geared toward those thinking about applying to IAMAS. There was an information session in which prospective students were introduced to the school’s curriculum and student life. They were able to talk one-on-one with the professors in whose work they were interested. There was also a school tour in which visitors were shown our research areas and school facilities. There was a display featuring published materials like school journals and catalogues of graduate work, allowing visitors to look back on IAMAS’ previous activities. The tour started in the Loft, the area where students research day or night; then, guests were shown the library, Innovation Studio, galleries, and the sound, video, and design studios. Through this, people considering applying to the school were able to get a better idea of what the IAMAS experience is like, visualizing what activities they could be involved with and what research could they engage in here.

2.) Student Exhibition

Students also exhibited their work at the event, presenting their personal research and the research they performed as part of the Project classes. They displayed the products of their research in various forms, including works, panels and experiential pieces. Students also organized a talk event and a cafe, and an exciting DJ event and performance was held in an unofficial capacity after the Open House ended.

3.) Lectures and Faculty Introduction

This year’s open house was centered around lectures, and each member of the faculty took the stage. The instructors introduced their work and research, the new school institute president, Masahiro Miwa, delivered a keynote speech, and a symposium was held. Many people gathered at the venue, and it got too crowded to fit everyone. Also, part of the talks were streamed online for those that could not attend.
Each faculty member spoke for around two minutes, introducing their research. This was interesting for students to hear as well as visitors, since students usually do not hear about their instructor’s independent work during class or the Projects.

President Miwa gave a keynote address entitled “My Declaration of Media Creation” in which he spoke about media creation as a new intellectual field. The themes and speakers for the symposium were different each day. The diverse endeavors we undertake at IAMAS were introduced, and faculty from diverse fields engaged in discussion. All spoke of what they were currently attempting and considering, and what they planned to do in the future. This was an opportunity for visitors to learn about the IAMAS of today and tomorrow.

In Conclusion


IAMAS is a school in which professors from different specialty fields and students from diverse backgrounds gather together. During the Open House, students and faculty introduced their day-to-day activities, but there was only time to touch upon a small portion of this. Our other activities include exhibitions within and outside the school, workshops, lectures, etc. If you joined us for this event, we hope that it got you interested in IAMAS’ future projects. Please come and visit us again.

Report written by Yusuke Gushiken, Researcher, Research Center for Industrial Cultures.

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