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Important information regarding the entrance examinations (Updated as of April 17, 2024)

School Guide Pamphlet

The School Pamphlet is now available.It consists of two volumes, “IAMAS SCHOOL GUIDE” and “IAMAS Interviews”.(PDF only and Japanese only)
School Guide Pamphlet

2025 Entrance Exam

The application guidelines for the entrance examinations to be held in the academic year 2026 are now available. Please check the application guidelines for the Master’s Program, the Doctoral Program and the Research Student Program.
Master’s Program
Doctoral Program
Research Student Program


Masters research/Publication of Master’s thesis

We present the results of IAMAS students’ master’s research and projects in photos and text at the IAMAS Annual. We also publish a catalog of past master’s exhibitions in PDF format through IAMAS BOOKS.


Application for Faculty Interviews and Facility Tours

Online or in-person meetings with faculty and facility tours are always available for prospective students and those interested in learning more about IAMAS. If you would like to schedule a meeting or a tour of our facilities, please fill out the form below. Please be aware that face-to-face meetings and facility tours will not be available in the area you currently reside in or Gifu Prefecture should they be declared as being in a state of emergency. In addition, no in-person or online meetings will be available from the start of the application process until the announcement of acceptance.

School Tour Application Form
Interviews for Master’s and Research Students
Interviews for Doctoral Program