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Admission Capacity

3 people

Overview and Varieties of Entrance Exam

General Selection (Examination will be conducted online)
First Screening: Document screening
Second Screening: Interview (including an oral test)

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applicants must confirm that they meet the following qualifications 1-8, and complete the requirements. In addition, prior to application, the applicant must meet with the faculty member for whom he/she wishes to receive research guidance from and obtain approval.

  1. Those who hold a master's degree or a professional degree, or expect to receive one by March 31, 2025.
  2. For those in foreign countries, you have received, or are expecting to receive by March 31, 2025, a degree equivalent to a master’s or a professional degree.
  3. Those who have completed correspondence courses offered by foreign schools in Japan and have received, or are expected to receive by March 31, 2025, the equivalent of a master’s degree or a professional degree.
  4. Those who have completed a course at a foreign school in Japan designated as equivalent to a foreign graduate school (a foreign university (graduate school equivalent) as designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan) and have received a master’s degree, professional degree or their equivalent, or are expected to receive this degree by March 31, 2025.
  5. Those who have completed a course at the United Nations University and have received a degree equivalent to master’s degree, or are expected to receive this degree by March 31, 2025.
  6. Those who have graduated from a university equivalent and have been engaged in at least two years of research at a university or research institute equivalent, and through an application qualification screening have been recognized by the university as having academic abilities equal to those of a person with a master’s degree.
  7. Those who will reach the age of 24 by March 31, 2025 and have been approved by the university’s application qualification screening.

2025 Entrance Exam Schedule

Type of Examination 2025 First Round Entrance Examination 2025 Second Round Entrance Examination 2025 Third Round Entrance Examination
Submission Period of Eligibility Evaluation Not implemented August 13 -
August 16, 2024
December 2 -
December 5, 2024
Submission Period for Applications June 3 -
June 6, 2024
September 11 -
September 17, 2024
January 14 -
January 17, 2025
Entrance Examination June 23, 2024 October 6, 2024 February 2, 2025
Announcement of Results July 5, 2024 October 15, 2024 February 7, 2025
Admission Paperwork Deadline July 25, 2024 November 1, 2024 February 27, 2025

Testing Fee

30,000 yen

Application Guidelines

If you need a print copy of these documents, come by the school or contact us using the form below. When writing a request, let us know where to send the documents: your postal code, address, name, and telephone number. The cost of the postage will be charged to the recipient.

  • Send the application documents to us via mail by the submission deadline. When applying from overseas, please contact our school's Academic Office beforehand.

Pre Enrollment Research Consultation and Guidance

Before entering the program, in order to provide applicants with an opportunity to receive advice on their research plans from the faculty member they want as their advisor, we will hold a “Pre-enrollment Research Consultation”to provide advice on research and study. If you have received prior approval for your doctoral research, be sure you obtain a letter of approval for guidance (to use at the submission of your application) from the faculty member willing to be your advisor if you pass the entrance examination. Please be aware that Research Guidance Approval Forms submitted late will not be accepted.

Online and face to face meetings with faculty are available. To contact the faculty member you wish to work with, please send an email to the school’s office (email: info-exam@ml.iamas.ac.jp) with (1) the name of the faculty member you wish to contact and (2) with a general outline of you research. The mail will be forwarded to the faculty member you are trying to reach. Regarding your advisor, please check the aforementioned table of professors. (This is different from the master’s course)