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  the best season 最好的季节

  Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air. It is the season for baseball which is often called the national sport because of its popularity. I usually watch television and read the newspaper reports about the baseball results of the newspaper reports about the baseball results of the little leagues.

  During the summer I like to go to the beach often because it is very close to my home in the village. I usually go there bur in the summer vacation to relax after many months in school in the city. I feel very comfortable with the familiar quiet of the villagers.



  Summer Camp 夏令营

  July 20,20xx

  I went to summer camp on vacation. On the first day, we went to a beautiful beach. It was a sunny and hot day, so we went swimming. The water was warm and we had great fun. Then the next day, we went to the mountains. There were many trees and I really enjoyed them. On the last day, we had a great party. We sang and danced happily. We didn’t want to leave the friends and the teachers. I hope I can go to summer camp again next year.


  Unforgettable summer vacation 难忘的暑假

  I think this summer over a very meaningful day,in addition to the study of computers outside,also tried a new aerobic exercise -YOGA,I love this sport, so I learned an optimistic face life,but also to correct my bad shape,for my future learning and life will be very helpful,I love YOGA,with the hope more people will join me to try this new movement.



  visitng 参观

  Ladies and gentlemen,

  Welcome to Heyuan, now let me introduce our city — Heyuan to you. Heyuan is a city with a long history. It is in the northeast of Guangdong and 198 kilometres away from Guangzhou. It has a population of 3,240,000.

  There are many places of interest in Heyuan, such as Sujiawei Wanlu Lake and so on. Wanlu Lake is a beautiful place. The water is clean and not polluted. There are all kinds of fish in it. You can go boating, go fishing and have a picnic there. It is really a good place to spend your holiday. Besides, you can go and visit Heyuan Museum. There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.

  I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Heyuan.

  Thank you.






  My Summer Vacation 我的暑假

  This is my summer vacation. I intend to finish the operation. Then, take a look at China's famous novel. Look at some day. Of course, also want to play with the computer, watch TV. Early every morning to get up and running to run, do other sports. But it is conducive to our body! But one thing should not be forgotten. must help parents do the housework! My holiday arrangements like? something good? give suggestions?


  I enjoy the rain 我喜欢下雨

  That was a morning in the early of June. I took a bus to my school in the suburb which was surrounded by rice paddies and ponds. The sky was gray with the gloomy clouds congregating gradually along the far eastern horizon. "There must be a heavy rain soon." I spoke to myself.

  When I hurried into the classroom, the sky, gray before, was shrouded now by black clouds, darken to twilight, I felt quite stuffy, while it was quite calm, without wind. I saw the leaves of trees and grass static, which seem to await something tohappen. Several minutes later, I saw the lightening split the clouds and heard the thunders following. Suddenly, the curtain of rain fell and the wind blew. soon the grass flattened under the wind and the rain. With the rain forming like a fog, the sky became bright. I took several deep breathes. I felt comfortable.

  The heavy rain lasted three hours and stopped when the class was over. The air was so fresh and the sky was so clear. I felt like a new man myself.